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Savannah Dance - The Home Studio Location

The Home Studio location is no ordinary studio.  In the summer of 2016, Miss Lisa added a 25 foot studio to her Savannah home, having previously held classes at the Savannah clubhouse.  This was done to avoid a significant rise in tuition costs necessary to offset the high commercial rent demanded in the area.  

The home studio has sound insulated walls and flooring, a special Marley floor, and a high end sound system.  It is very secure; not anybody can just come through the door like in a strip mall or commercial space.  The studio is closed off from the rest of the home and has its own exterior entrance.  The Home Studio provides the quality you expect with the safety and personal attention of a smaller class size at an affordable price.

Barre Work!
Located in Savannah, TX
Free Dance Time!
Tiny Dancers
Halloween Dress-Up Week
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